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Happy Holidays from Mr. Toxic, to you in particular. Are you on Mr. Toxic's Naughty List? Who can keep up? Because there are alot of naughty ass people out there. You wonder why Santa Clause don't pay you a visit? That's fucking why. Because you're naughty. It's okay though, you can have your cake and eat it too, because we are hooking you up with a free song for the holidays! 
  1. Mr. Toxic - Naughty List

Happy Holi-Toxic-Days! 


Ho-Ho-Ho! Now that I have your attention, besides the fact that you may or may not be a Hoe. Since I am already fat, and feeling a little Jolly after a hell of a show last night with Psychopathic Record's one and only Anybody Killa on the Holiday Jingle tour, along side with F. Dux as well, I've decided to make all of my songs over in the "Listen" section available for a free download! So go on over there, put your wallet back in your pocket and download my shit for FREE! How could you say no to something that's free? Thanks to everyone for coming out and ending this year with an amazing night! Untill next time! 
- Mr. Toxic

Tis the season for the Holiday Jingle Tour with ABK! 

'Tis the season - Juggalo's of the Carolina's! Mr. Toxic will be returning with ABK at Tremont Music Hall! $13 in advanced! Mr. Toxic, F. Dux, & Anybody Killa will be stuffing your stockings like a stripper on Tremont Ave. Come prepared for a wicked fun filled night with the family. See you soon!

ABK - Summer Jam 2 Tour! 

Spartanburg was off the chain ya'll! Website updates coming soon! Much love to everyone that came out and supported this underground movement! 
- Mr. Toxic

"Gotham's Finest" COMING SOON! 


Gothams Finest! In production now! 2013! Coming soon! Interested in being on the mixtape? Heado n over to the "Contact Me" forum and send me an email with a sample of your work. 

Vote for Mr. Toxic @ The GOTJ! 


I (Mr. Toxic) am running a campaign to try to get a spot at the Gathering Of The Juggalo's this year! If you want to support me, just click this link and type "Mr. Toxic" (It's only 3 boxes, typing your name and suggestion). Suggest MR. TOXIC and see if they will let this underground, wicked, North Carolinian finally shine at the craziest event in the world! (Also, after you type Mr. Toxic it would help to add my website beside of it, that's only optional but it would help them get in touch with me, it's
Thanks alot Toxitizens! MUCH LOVE!


"Clusterphobic" Release Date Pushed Back! 

(December, 14, 2012)

I'm sorry to announce, due to unforeseen circumstances the release date for "Clusterphobic" has been pushed back to 3/3/13! The year 2012 has been fucking crazy and devastating for alot of people, including myself. There was a mutual agreement that I leave former Project Born member "Polk Frost's" record lable "423MG", Polk and I will still continue to work together and stay in contact, there is no bad blood between him and I, he has been a good friend to me since the beggining, and will be there 'till the end. In the mean time, I will be adding much more flavor to the CD itself since the date is being pushed back. So hold in there because it will be well worth the wait for such a disk filled with flavorful content! Again, Sorry for the wait Toxitizen's! We held shit DOWN this year! Lets show everyone what 2013 is all about!

- Mr. Toxic


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